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About Our Channel

Introduction of our channel

NHK WORLD / jibtv broadcasts NHK WORLD TV and JIB's original programs of international broadcasting.

All English TV programs

We transmit information about Japan and Asia to the world.
NHK WORLD / jibtv is broadcasting in English for foreign people overseas.

We repeat the programs 4 times a day. Broadcasting 24 hours

We broadcast the latest news every hour on the hour.
We format the schedule as 6 hours in one unit and repeat it 4 times a day.
In this way, the programs can be watched easily anywhere in the world regardless of time differences.

TV broadcasting which can be viewed in 361.9 million households.

We will continue to increase the numbers of the households which can watch our channel.
In January 2009, the number of households which can watch NHK WORLD / jibtv was 83 million. But at the end of April 2024, it was increased to 361.9 million in about 160 countries and regions all over the world. We are trying to expand the possible viewing areas by affiliating with enterprises in terrestrial digital television, IPTV, and satellite broadcasting all over the world.
Also, in jibtv’s original programs, it is possible to cosponsor the program or TV commercials.
On the internet, banner advertising is also possible.

Program distribution route

Please refer to the “How to watch” page for further information.

Positioning of Original JIB Programs and NHK International Broadcasts

NHK WORLD/jibtv is a channel comprising original programs by NHK World (NHK's international television broadcasts) and Japan International Broadcasting.
When Japan International Broadcasting began airing its original programs, private companies and others could provide programs and air commercials during those time slots.


NHK WORLD/jibtv in English (Mainly for foreigners overseas)
  • 30-minute news programs at the top of the hour
  • Informational programs and other content broadcast at the bottom of the hour (with some original JIB programs)
* Provides programming and airs commercials for original JIB programs.
NHK WORLD Premium in Japanese (Mainly for Japanese overseas)
  • Broadcasts 24 hours a day to most of the world.
  • A variety of programs including entertainment, children's programs, sports, culture and arts in addition to NHK news and informational programs, delivered through cable TV stations, satellite broadcasters and other providers.


jibtv internet service

Some original JIB programs are available for viewing as VOD (Video On-Demand).

About viewing our channel

The number of potential viewing households for jibtv

24 hour coverage in approximately 361.9 million households in 160 countries and regions can view our channel.
We are trying to expand the area and spread our channel by affiliating with enterprises in satellite television, cable television, IPTV, and terrestrial digital television all over the world.
Please refer to the "How to watch" page for further information about how to view NHK WORLD / jibtv in your region.

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To meet the needs in a given area where there is no television broadcasting, we offer our programs via our website.

Our Series

Trailblazers We follow Japan’s trailblazers breaking new ground in various fields and discover the purpose that keeps them moving forward.
Catch Japan Explore a colorful variety of modern Japan’s most popular topics, including food, technology, ecology and regional promotions, with a focus on the innovative ideas and passionate effort from the people behind it all.
The Heart of Fukui This series explores the allure of traditional culture thriving in Fukui, a region rich in nature facing the Sea of Japan.
SPIRIT OF JAPAN The program introduces the history and wisdom behind Japan’s technological strength and specialties, which are helping to revitalize regional areas of the country.
Explore Japan This series will feature how various culture in modern Japan and overseas blend together and influence each other.
Exploring the Lands of the Ainu In this series, we visit areas in Hokkaido with deep connections to the Ainu living there and showcase their prayers, dances, and traditional ceremonies passed down through generations.
J-Entertainment Infotainment show featuring young artists full of talent with their unique sense of “Japan.”
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