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Aired: October 12, 2018 (UTC)


Japan is said to be a “developed country that faces new problems.” The country has faced a variety of problems from lack of space as a small island nation, to lack of resources, and overcrowded cities, yet every time, Japan has succeeded in turning problems into opportunities to create new cultures and businesses. This program focuses on such episodes and what went on on-site.
The heat was intense in the summer of 2018. The Olympic & Paralympic Games in 2020 will be held in summer, and there are concerns for the safety of athletes and spectators. As a countermeasure, Tokyo has begun an initiative to lay down heat-blocking pavement.
Japan’s karaoke rooms are of world standard, and although they are popular on holidays and weekday nights, they are often empty during the day on weekdays. This has given birth to a service for providing these conveniently located spaces for business in combination with IT communication technology.
The numerous dams and reservoirs scattered throughout mountainous regions provide flat surfaces, and they also function as natural water-cooling systems. This has led to the operation of solar power stations with floating panels. Wristwatches are worn as accessories, but they are also precision instruments. Making a robust watch that is unbreakable even when dropped was unthinkable in the past, but an engineer persevered in his search for a methodology to come up with an idea to develop a shock-resistant wristwatch inspired by a rubber ball he saw a girl playing with in a park. The wristwatch became a bestseller throughout the world.
“Reverse thinking” is the art of turning the tables on disadvantages to use them to your advantage. This program offers ideas and possibilities that can be applied throughout the world to overcome issues by focusing on different perspectives.


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