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Journey to Discover the Roots of Japanese Sound

Aired: September 17, 2021 (UTC)


Musician, Yoshii Shogo. A master of Taiko drums and flutes, Yoshii shows the world the many wonders of traditional Japanese music.
We document his journey to find the origins of music within the roots of the local arts, following along to see what emotional souvenirs he can find to pack inside his Music Trunk.

The journey takes us to Shimane Prefecture for an inside look at the traditional art of this region: Iwami Kagura. Flutes and drums play the rhythmic Ohayashi. Gods and demons dance the Mai. It is said that a Kagura performed for the Gods at the festival brings a plentiful harvest.
He meets the locals and learns what the Ohayashi means to them. Passed down and felt innately within, it is the sound of their spirit. As Yoshii performs with the group, he gets in touch with their Kagura spirit and uncovers the essence of traditional music.


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