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Aired: March 6, 2015 (UTC)


In 22XX...
Humanity has extended its habitat beyond the earth...to the moon, and to the Mars.
A traveler Edward meets a beautiful earth-born lady named Sakura at a bar in a spacecraft. They are on their way from the moon to the earth.
Edward is born on the moon and has never visited the earth before. He gets interested in delicious Japanese Sake that Sakura is drinking.
Sakura teaches him about Sake and they get very excited and intimate through their conversation.
Two promise to meet again on the earth.

Edward shortly visits a sake brewery which Sakura's family owns, and somehow he gets a chance to help them making Sake. Sakura's house highly respects old Japanese spirits and tradition. Rigidity and philosophy are necessary essences of making Sake here. Edward experiences culture shock through the lecture, and feels intimidating at first. But as Sakura teaches him, Edward soon gets attracted to the fascinating world of Sake, Japanese culture and to Sakura herself...
Sakura is also inspired by looking at Edward, purely enjoying her home nature and tradition that once she abandoned. She finds her true feeling as well, while she spends time with Edward…and finally makes a big decision at the end of her short stay in the earth.
What is waiting for Edward and Sakura in the future?
2D animation film with video archive gives fascination of Japanese Sake to the audience of the world.


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