Ep. 04

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Aired: November 6, 2015 (UTC)



Local Cuisine from Ishikawa Prefecture

With the Hokuriku Shinkansen beginning operation this year, all eyes are on Ishikawa Prefecture's Kanazawa City. During the Edo period, Kanazawa was a bustling city known as Kaga, and the local Kaga cuisine is one of Japan's most famous and beautiful local cuisines. In this segment, we'll introduce you to Kaga cuisine, which uses local seafood and vegetables from the surrounding area. Also, when it comes to Kaga cuisine, you can't forget the beautiful bowls that hold the delicious dishes. These bowls are made with a technique called Kutani-yaki, and we went behind the scenes to see how these beautiful creations are made.

Tokyo's Local Cuisine

Although you may not expect it, Tokyo, the heart of modern-day Japan, also has unique local cuisine that has existed for many years. This time, we'll be focusing on Chanko-nabe, a famous dish that was originally created specifically for sumo wrestlers, Tsukuda-ni, a perfect companion for rice made with seafood caught from Tokyo Bay, and Monja-yaki, a delicious dish that was originally created as a snack for children who lived in the working-class neighborhoods of Tokyo.

Japanese Folk Stories: Momotaro

Each episode we bring you a famous Japanese folk story. This time, we feature Japan's most famous story, "Momotaro".

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