The Next 100 Years

Cultivating New Potential

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Aired: May 04, 2018 (UTC)


Iconic Japanese company Panasonic is celebrating 100 years in business. To ensure the company thrives for another 100 years, Panasonic is attaching special importance to its 270,000 employees, the backbone of its success.
Part 1 of two programs reflects on the invaluable contribution made by the most important person of all in the company's history, founder Konosuke Matsushita, who coined the phrase "Making People Before Products." We also see some of the ways in which a positive impact has been made by President and CEO Kazuhiro Tsuga, together with his trusted colleague Yoshiyuki Miyabe, who heads the Business Innovation Division. Their creativity is empowering a new generation of innovators and fostering productive collaboration through such initiatives as Wonder Lab Osaka and Cross-Value Innovation. From Osaka to Silicon Valley, Panasonic is brimming with new ideas that are designed to optimize the potential of its talented workforce.


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