The Next 100 Years

Contributing Sustainable Value

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Aired: May 11, 2018 (UTC)


When President and CEO Kazuhiro Tsuga took the helm at Panasonic in 2012, the company was struggling with poor sales of digital products for consumers. He made the decision to transform and diversify the company's activities in order to expand Panasonic's contributions to customers.
One step in this process was to move more in the direction of selling to businesses, B2B, rather than to consumers, B2C. One key figure in the development of Panasonic's B2B activities has been Yasuyuki Higuchi, the president of group member Connected Solutions Company, otherwise known as CNS.
In Part 2 of two programs, we learn how Higuchi's career began with and returned to Panasonic. We see how he is now spearheading developments in robots, face recognition technology and product tagging in order to address challenges faced by retailers and others on the front line of demographic change in Japan. Higuchi takes inspiration from the words of founder Konosuke Matsushita, who spoke of the need to "start anew every day." Under his leadership, new business ideas tested in Japan are being moved out into the international market, where they will contribute to the sustainability of Panasonic itself.


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