Series Information

Meet the trailblazers who are breaking new ground in their fields.
Some use cutting-edge technologies to create value, while others revive traditional crafts or explore ways to attract tourists to rural areas.
They offer a look into their journey and the purpose that keeps them moving forward.

Leading the program is navigator Fukumoto Riko.

Broadcast schedule:
Third Friday of every month
From 2:30~, 7:30~, 13:30~, 19:30~
*Universal Time Coordinated (UTC)


Fukumoto Riko

Fukumoto Riko was born on November 25, 2000, in Osaka.
She made her debut in 2017 and has since appeared in films,
stage productions, TV shows, and more.
Her hobbies include cooking and the tea ceremony.

Fukumoto Riko


Hamano Daiki

Hamano Daiki is a voice actor from Tokyo. He has voiced numerous Japanese animation characters, such as Gauma from "SSSS.DYNAZENON," and dubbed many overseas productions, including Marvel's "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" (providing the Japanese voice of Sam Wilson).
He enjoys futsal and movies in his free time.

Hamano Daiki


Our Series

Trailblazers We follow Japan’s trailblazers breaking new ground in various fields and discover the purpose that keeps them moving forward.
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The Heart of Fukui This series explores the allure of traditional culture thriving in Fukui, a region rich in nature facing the Sea of Japan.
SPIRIT OF JAPAN The program introduces the history and wisdom behind Japan’s technological strength and specialties, which are helping to revitalize regional areas of the country.
Explore Japan This series will feature how various culture in modern Japan and overseas blend together and influence each other.
Exploring the Lands of the Ainu In this series, we visit areas in Hokkaido with deep connections to the Ainu living there and showcase their prayers, dances, and traditional ceremonies passed down through generations.
J-Entertainment Infotainment show featuring young artists full of talent with their unique sense of “Japan.”
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