Deeper Aomori

Aired: Apr 05, 2024 (UTC)


The infamous, notorious, wildly popular show “WANDER-LAND” is back for a 3rd episode!! What Deep Area of Japan will we explore this time?
Not places swarming with foreign tourists like Hokkaido, Kyoto, Osaka or Okinawa.
This time we head to Aomori! Known for its Nebuta Festival, apples, scallops, the frozen tree monsters of Hakkoda, Sugayu hot springs, and the Sakura blossoms at Hirosaki Castle, there is a wealth of breathtaking places in any season, not to mention the amazing food!
However, the area is also home to national treasures like rich mineral hot springs, a ryokan that will leave you speechless (if it lets you leave at all), and many more unbelievable spots.
Now that tourism to Japan is back, it’s time to dive into the unknown labyrinth of the Aomori Wander-land!!



Iwai Jonio

Hobby: Vintage Suit collection, Tunnel tour
From Chiba Prefecture


Maxwell Powers

Voice Actor/MC/Bilingual Pro
Motto: I want the world to learn more about Japan and vice versa!
From Oakland, California


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