Terms of Use

Advice on Use of Japan International Broadcasting (JIB) Online Distribution Service

JIB takes the greatest possible care in delivery of its online distribution service. However, we ask users to note the following points and to exercise their own judgment and responsibility.

  1. JIB Online Distribution Service
    1. The JIB online distribution service is a website operated by JIB ("http://jibtv.com").
    2. Neither the program distribution service nor information on the programs offered can be viewed in Japan because of restrictions on broadcasting rights.
    3. Even if a search site or portal site operated by an individual or organization other than JIB leads you to a page that shows the JIB logo, the JIB name, and/or information about JIB, the page does not necessarily belong to JIB.
    4. Please do not make any access that would interfere with the facilities or operation of the JIB online distribution service.
  2. Recommended Specifications For The Use of This Website
    1. The JIB online distribution service is optimized for viewing with the following specifications. It may not be correctly displayed by other non compatible computers and software.
      • For Windows User: Latest version of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox
      • For Macintosh User: Latest version of Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox
      • Plug-in software: Latest version of Flash Player
    2. Computer or network conditions may prevent users from receiving the service and distributed programs.
  3. Watching Programs

    To watch programs on the JIB online distribution service, you must agree to and comply with the terms of use. If you do not agree to the terms of use, you may not watch any video offered by the service. If you violate the terms of use, you may be denied access to the service.

    Terms of Use
    • Program content distributed on the service are protected by the copyright law, trademark law, and other legislation pertaining to intellectual property rights. Users are strictly forbidden to perform any action (including any of the forbidden actions defined hereafter) that may violate copyrights, trademark rights, or other intellectual property rights.
    • To watch a program, use your browser to click either the "high" or "low" streaming video quality option button on the online distribution service top page. You may not watch a program using any other method.
    • Program content distributed through the service may be watched via streaming only. Streams may not be saved or duplicated for any reason.
    • Technical protection measures applied to content may not be removed.
  4. Personal Information
    1. You can view the JIB online distribution service without revealing personal information such as your name and address. However, we ask that you input certain personal information in case we need to contact you, or you wish to receive our e-mail magazine.
    2. For further information on our handling of personal information, please see “Privacy Policy”.
    3. Cookies are used with the JIB online distribution service to enable a convenient user experience. They are not used for any other purpose. Also, the cookies used by JIB do not contain information specific to individual users. Cookies sent from sites other than the JIB online distribution service are not under the control of JIB.
    4. Every time the JIB online distribution service is accessed, the JIB server automatically records information including the IP address of the user's computer, the browser type, and the access date and time.
    5. When registered on user registration system in JIB site, user's access log is automatically recorded. Information of access log include; the access date/time, the number of access and viewed page, the duration of visits, referrer information and the searched keywords.The data is used only for the purpose of improving our services, and for no other purposes.
  5. Handling of Comments and Inquiries

    If you send a comment or inquiry, please note the following points:

    1. When sending a comment or inquiry to JIB, please use our "Contact Us" form.
    2. We reserve the right to post comments and inquiries on the JIB online distribution service, store them, and make secondary use of them in broadcast, print, and other media. In principle, we neither make payments to senders nor make prior contact with them.
    3. Depending on computer and network conditions, text and data sent by users may not reach JIB.
    4. JIB cannot promise to present users' comments and inquiries on its website or in programs.
    5. We read all comments and inquiries but cannot promise to make individual replies.
    6. We do not treat text and data sent by users as confidential information. However, we handle personal information as described in “Privacy Policy”.
    7. We may rephrase, decline to post, or delete text and data sent by users if necessary for operation of the JIB online distribution service and in the event that the text and data
      • offend public order and morals;
      • are not relevant to the service;
      • can be interpreted as defamatory against an individual or body or as advertising;
      • may violate a copyright;
      • contain personal information;
      • may spread an unfounded rumor; and/or
      • are otherwise inappropriate.
    8. There may be a delay before text and data sent by users appear on the web page.
  6. Links to External Sites
    1. The JIB online distribution service may show links to non-JIB websites.
    2. A link to an external site does not constitute an endorsement of that site by JIB.
    3. Linked external sites are subject to their own operating criteria.
  7. Links from External Sites

    We can accept links to only the top page of the JIB online distribution service site ("http://jibtv.com"). If you wish to link to our site, please contact us via the "Contact Us" form. We will respond after checking the content of your site. Depending on the link type and the method by which you wish to use our content, we may not be able to comply with a request to link to our site. We may decline a request for any link that could cause JIB to lose public trust or suffer an economic loss. The usability of a link will depend on the operation policy of its own website. (Permissions for linking to the JIB website will depend on the operation policy of the website in question.)

  8. Copyright

    Copyright in text, pictures, and photographs on the JIB website is, unless otherwise specified, owned by JIB. Under the copyright law and other legislation, no part of the copyrighted materials may be duplicated, reproduced, altered, publicly transmitted, or made capable of being transmitted without permission.

  9. Downloading of Software for Viewing

    The JIB online distribution service may offer links to the download pages of outside companies that make software needed to view our pages. The download methods and procedures for use of the software are subject to the outside software companies' operating criteria.

  10. Disclaimer
    1. JIB shall not be responsible for any loss suffered as a direct or indirect result of use of the JIB online distribution service, inability to use the JIB online distribution service, or any deficiency in the JIB online distribution service.
    2. JIB does not guarantee the absence of computer viruses and other harmful elements.
    3. JIB does not guarantee the accuracy or legality of information on sites linked from the JIB online distribution service. Also, JIB does not guarantee the quality of providers of such sites or the quality of products shown on such sites. Any problem arising in connection with use of a site linked from the JIB online distribution service is the responsibility of that site. JIB asks anyone affected by such a problem to address the problem as his/her own responsibility.
    4. Content provided by the JIB online distribution service may be changed or deleted without prior notice. Also, JIB may suspend the service in the event that doing so becomes unavoidable.

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